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In 2021, at the facilities of the Armida Guaymas Gamma Hotel, we founded Maimigo Fit, 100% backed by this sister company committed to promoting sports tourism. The brand was born with the vision of recognizing the need to promote sport and tourism as an inseparable unit, with the aim of generating a significant economic spillover. Héctor Zaragoza, a renowned high-performance triathlete in Ironman brand events, and Abner Arce, a physical education teacher, join our passions and experience to comprehensively promote the sport and boost tourism in the Guaymas region. We aspire to create a positive impact on the local economy and enrich the visitor experience through the perfect combination of sport, tourism and economic development.

We are a company dedicated to sports promotion and we focus on the creation and promotion of events that promote the development of new forms of sports tourism. Our vision is at the forefront, constantly updating and diversifying our influx market during all seasons of the year.

In line with our mission, our general objective is to promote and create development opportunities through sports tourism as an income generation option that provides us with the necessary tools and support to overcome seasons of low tourist influx. We seek to take advantage of the potential of sports tourism to stimulate the local economy, strengthen the image of the region and improve the quality of life of the communities involved.

With a comprehensive vision, we strive to generate a positive impact in all aspects: sports, economic and social. We adapt to the changing needs of the market and we are constantly evolving to offer unique and attractive experiences that attract visitors throughout the year. Our commitment to sustainable growth and collaboration with key industry players drives us to succeed in our goal of turning sports tourism into a driving force for economic development and prosperity in the region.


Why bet on Sports Tourism?

Betting on sports tourism is a wise choice due to its impact in various aspects. This type of tourism, which encompasses sports, recreational activities, and events, has significant potential in economic, social, and recreational terms. It attracts tourists during all seasons of the year, generating a significant economic benefit and benefiting both tourist destinations and local communities. In addition, in the case of Guaymas, which has underexploited natural resources for sports activities, sports tourism becomes an opportunity to boost economic development, improve the quality of life of communities, and promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

On the other hand, the state of Sonora has a great diversity of landscapes, from beaches to deserts and mountains, which can be adequately used to generate tourism. These natural resources offer unique experiences to visitors, whether practicing water sports, exploring nature or enjoying adventure tourism. By betting on sports tourism in Sonora, sustainable economic development is promoted, the state's natural heritage is preserved, and employment and growth opportunities are created for local communities. Sonora's natural resources become an invaluable attraction for tourists, who can enjoy the natural beauty and live enriching experiences in a unique environment.




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